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We Take the Complexity out of Customs



Thanks to our local teams of experts and global scale, we take the complexity out of customs by offering a solution tailored to all needs.

  • Dedicated team of customs experts

  • Operated in accordance with governance structure, code of conduct and compliance standards

  • Strong relationships with government customs and security authorities


We offer a broad range of services to ensure uniform, consistent & compliant trade activities, supporting your company in avoiding delays, fines & penalties.


Import and Export Declaration Filing

Import of Goods Banking Intermediation Agreement

Other Government Agency Services

In-Transit Movement

Permits and Licensing Application Services 


Customs declarations to process the import/export of goods. This can include the filing of customs declarations prior to shipment arrival at the destination country.

Issued in the JUE system and approved by the intermediary bank, prior to shipment arrival at Mozambique, and them presented to the customs authority with the custom declaration.

Service to ensure the clearance of goods through other government agencies, e.g. Ministry of Health, Department of Agriculture, Intertek.

Management of the customs formalities for goods moving through one customs territory into another, or transportation of uncleared shipments within one customs territory

Providing support to obtain special licenses and permits.

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